A Few Good Realtors

Speaking with my wife the other day, she made an unusual comment to me … “I read your blog, and you are really harsh on Realtors.”  Needless to say, I was surprised.  Surprised because she actually read my blog and also surprised that she thought I was bashing Realtors.

My wife, being a broker, and myself having a real estate license, I did not perceive any of my ramblings to be mean spirited – but rather only an attempt to point out how a Realtor could better serve their client.  Having my law license for close to twenty years, and having performed thousands of closings, I have seen some great Realtors and some not-so-great Realtors.  And to be fair, I have also seen my share of not-so-great attorneys.

So what make a Realtor a great Realtor?  It’s actually the same thing that makes an attorney a great attorney – their attention to the detail involved in a closing and focusing on doing the best job they can for their client.  Real estate buying and selling is one of the most detailed oriented activities a person can do – not to mention one of the most expensive.  When dealing with hundreds of thousands of dollars why would anyone settle for mediocrity?  The simple answer is:  they shouldn’t.

When you are interviewing an attorney or real estate agent, ask them about their experience and why you should use their services.  Also, ask them how many closing they have done.  Lastly, ask them for references.  If you take all these steps, you will soon find out if your attorney or your Realtor is truly looking out for your best interest.

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