Staying Current

One of my goals for 2013 was to get my website up and running.  Check.  Next goal, start blogging for search engine optimization.  Check.  Make sure you blog once a week so you are consistent.  Ok, so blogging is not my strong suit.  Let’s put this down in “Things I Need to Work on” colomun – maybe I will get better in 2014.

Put your business on Facebook.  Check.  Join LinkedIn.  Check – but it reminds me of Facebook.  Now, don’t forget Avvo.  What’s that?  Do I have to sign up for yet another social media site?  Ok, got it.  Oh, and one more – Justia Law Directory.  But you cannot register a profile with them until you send them a copy of your bar card.

Don’t forget to cliam your Google account.  Check.  Apparently I need the Google account so people can leave me Google reviews.  This helps with search engine optimization.  And lets not forget Google Plus.  I don’t know what the plus is for, but it looks like I need to update the Google account.

Now, lets not forget you need peer reviews on Avvo in order to help with SEO.  And don’t foreget to get endorsements on Linkedin.  And you also need people to “like” your businsess on Facebook.  Ok, I think I have the internet marketing plan done for today.

But, I cannot help thinking, I forgot to do something today.  What was it ….. oh, yes…. get my work done.

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