Technology on Vacation

Its hard to get back to work after vacation, but thanks to technology there is no reason you cannot take the office with you on vacation.  I know, this defeats the whole purpose of going on vacation, but most small business owners cannot afford to just shut their doors for two weeks and hope when they return from their vacation everything will be as they left it.  The fact is, the mail is still delivered, bills are still due, the phone will still ring, and clients may want to use your services – all while you are supposed to be relaxing somewhere.

So, with a firm understanding of reality, I set off on this years vacation armed with my iPhone, iPad and Mac book.  Within the first two days, my iPhone had a diving accident.  My underwater housing apparently deciced to leak while scuba diving.  But no worries,  I downloaded an app called Line2 for my iPad before I left the states.  With a little tweaking to find the best location for WiFi, I was able to call the office and my office was able to call me.  Through Skype, I was able to talk to my family too.  Now, its great to call the office, check your email and keep up on things, but sometimes you really need to use your computer that is sitting on your desk.  Again, no problem.  Thanks to GoToMyPC, I am able to log into my computer, prepare documents, email them, work on closings and even print checks – all while sitting on a beach thousands of miles away.

It is truly amazing what you can accomplish with the right technology.  It worked so well at times, I sometimes forgot I was on vacation.  On second thought, maybe next year I will go to a country that does not have internet or cellular phone service.

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