The term “underwater” took on a new meaning a few years ago.  Before 2006 has anyone ever heard of a homeowner being “underwater”?  Although we have helped hundreds of clients who are “underwater”, this term always had a different meaning to me.  I have actually enjoyed being underwater, and try to get underwater as often as possible.

My love of being underwater started in 1989, when I was in college – and I wasn’t even a homeowner.  I started scuba diving in 1989 in the cold waters of Lake Huron and in some local northern Michigan dams.  I blame this love of the water on my brother-in-law, who had started diving around the same time.  In Michigan, scuba diving is a seasonal sport, and even in the heat of summer you still need a thick wetsuit to keep somewhat warm.

What interested me immediatly about diving was that when I went under water, I was entering a world that had been virtually untouched and unexplored.  Naturally, diving in Michigan is very different than diving in Florida, and it would take me several more years before I got my first taste of salt water diving.  But, even so, I new immediatley that this was a sport that would always keep my interest – physically and mentally demanding, and fascinating at the same time.  With two thirds of the world covered in water, there is no limit of places to explore.  In a few short weeks, I will be “underwater” again – and I cannot wait.


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