Water, Water Everywhere

About two weeks ago, my wife awoke around 1:00 am to use the restroom.  What she found in her bathroom was an inch of water everywhere.  She, of course, woke me up to investigate.  We spent the next three hours cleaning up the water in the bathroom and office.  Thinking we did a good job of cleaning up, we went back to bed at 4:00 am.

The next morning, the water restoration company was called for an assessment of the damage.  I have been told to get an official opinion before reporting a claim to your insurance company.  The news was not good, and the insurance company was called.

Two weeks later and the leak has finally been fixed.  Just the leak.  Under the slab.  We still have no flooring in the bedroom, master closet and the office.  About half of my house is out of service because of this disaster.  Needless to say, I currently do not have a shortage of challenges to deal with.  Luckily, I am told I have good insurance, and in the very near future, we will put the claim to the test.

Water leaks seems to be common in Florida, and I have had several clients who have had to deal with them.  From my experience, when dealing with water leaks it is imperative that you have three things – first, patience; second, good insurance; and lastly, of course, a good attorney.

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