The Bad Review

After being in business for a long period of time, it is inevitable that you will eventually get a bad review.  This is exactly what happened two weeks ago.  So how does a bad someone get to the point of leaving a bad review?  Expectations – and obviously, despite our best efforts, this persons expectations were not meet.

Doing closings for more than twenty years, we have experienced every type of buyer, seller and real estate agent.  Our goal is, and has always been, the same – a successful real estate closing completed on time.  In this case, the closing was completed successfully and on time.  In fact, the buyer was very impressed how efficient our office handled the closing.  It is unfortunate that sometimes, mainly due to lack of experience, real estate agents do not inform their clients of the reality of a closing – that all the paperwork cannot be fully completed until the buyers’ lender provides us with the proper paperwork.  This often times happens only one day before a closing takes place.  Without proper education buyers and sellers are sometimes given unrealistic expectations.  Our office is not perfect, and we always strive to improve our performance.  However, a successful closing is something that all parties should be pleased with.

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