The Joy of Closing

Recently, I conducted  closing where the seller was a real estate attorney from Chicago.  The closing went very smoothly and we had a nice conversation about law and the number of different types of law that attorneys are involved in.  I asked how he decided to concentrate his practice on real estate and his response brought a smile to my face.  “It’s the happy part of practicing law”, he claimed.

He was right, for the most part, we deal with happy people when conducting closings.  Most people are happy to be selling and happy to be buying.  Real estate agents are happy when the closing take place since they get paid at the same time also.  Although not always the case, more often than not, the process is smooth and non-adversarial.

The goal with every closings is to keep the process as smooth as possible.  And after the closing takes place, and all the monies are in place, everyone gets paid at the same time.  Some people find it hard to beleive that the closing attorney gets paid at the same time as the seller, realtors and other involved parties.  But this is part of what puts all parties on the same page with the same goal – complete the closing so the checks can be cut.

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