Seller Disclosure

I recently worked on a file with a disclosure issue.  The facts as I understand them are as follows:

The seller gave the buyer an executed Seller Disclosure prior to the buyer making an offer.  The buyer reviewed the disclosure, viewed the property and made their offer accordingly.  The disclosure stated that there was a pool heater included in the purchase.  However, no such heater existed.  Does the incorrect disclosure complicate the closing?  Absolutely.  But does it force the seller to provide a new pool heater to the buyer?  Not necessarily.

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Staying Current

One of my goals for 2013 was to get my website up and running.  Check.  Next goal, start blogging for search engine optimization.  Check.  Make sure you blog once a week so you are consistent.  Ok, so blogging is not my strong suit.  Let’s put this down in “Things I Need to Work on” colomun – maybe I will get better in 2014.

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Summer Thaw

The past few years it has been difficult for most indiviudals to get a mortgage.  For the most part, mortgage modifications didn’t work, banks were not reducing principal, and any “government programs” were nothing but a crule joke.  The inclement real estate weather appeared to be socked in for the long haul.  Your credit score didn’t matter – all that mattered to any lender was your income.  I am sure I don’t need to go into detail about what happened to most people’s income.

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