When is Wells Fargo NOT Wells Fargo?

Recently, we did a short sale closing with Wells Fargo.  To clarify, our client was in foreclosure with Wells Fargo, he was also being sued by Wells Fargo on his second mortgage.  The plaintiff in both cases were the same – Wells Fargo, N.A.  It is not unusually to be working on a short sale while the property is involved in a foreclosure.  In fact, it sometimes helps the short sale process if the property is being foreclosed.

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The term “underwater” took on a new meaning a few years ago.  Before 2006 has anyone ever heard of a homeowner being “underwater”?  Although we have helped hundreds of clients who are “underwater”, this term always had a different meaning to me.  I have actually enjoyed being underwater, and try to get underwater as often as possible. Continue reading

Where’s The Closing?

The closing process is complex, and difficult to understand.  It takes a team of people, who, if all goes correctly, are working toward the same goal.  And that goal is a successful closing.  Somewhere in the process, it is inevitable that clients will ask … “Where’s the closing?”.  Although a simple question, sometimes it is not easy to answer.

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